redefining qhmer pride

redefining qhmer pride

redefining qhmer prideredefining qhmer pride


As we strive to increase Khmer LGBTQ visibility across all platforms our organization created "Coming Out Qhmer", a vlog series which helps to highlight the stories of those in our community. We hope as each journey is shared and each story is heard it will be able to open doors to more opportunities for LGBTQ individuals along with their families and allies to embrace and acknowledge these milestone moments. 

Episode 3 FT. Randy Kim

Randy Kim a queer Southeast Asian-American, born from a father who is a Cambodian genocide survivor, and my mom, a Vietnam War survivor. These experiences have inspired Randy to explore the effects of intergenerational trauma through storytelling and writing. He has done past work relating to non-profit relating to Asian American advocacy, elder care, LGBTQ, among other issues. He has performed at various storytelling showcases throughout Chicago.   

Episode 2 FT. Lina, SpringRollFever

In episode 2 we share the story of Lina, a first generation Cambodian-American. She is a comedian, YouTuber, and foodie! She was born in a refugee camp in the Philippines, and she and her family moved to a small town in New Hampshire when Lina was only 4 months old. Her high school career consisted of being a band geek and member of the drama club. She jokes about being the only member of the AV club. Lina has a love for seafood and throws down a mean seafood boil. 

Episode 1 FT. Hunny Hach

Episode 1 features Hunny Hach, the creator and co-founder of Qhmer Organization. Hunny shares with us her coming out story and how the need for acceptance in her family initiated the idea of creating an organization for queer Khmer LGBTQ folks in support of their coming out process and to create more visibility in both communities.